carlos_seated_200pxCarlos Batara, Immigration Attorney

Carlos Batara has been passionate about immigration issues and multiculturalism since he was young. His father emigrated from the Philippines. His mother, born in New Mexico, brought a heritage of Mexican and Spanish roots to his upbringing.

Carlos’ father was a farm worker when he first arrived in this country. He later moved to the restaurant industry where he worked as a dishwasher and kitchen helper. Carlos’ mother worked at a factory for many years before becoming a housemaid and chef for various households.

His parents never owned a car. They traveled by bus to and from work. Yet, they appreciated the vast opportunities provided by the United States and encouraged Carlos to always do his best.

Their love and support created a stable life for Carlos – laying the foundation for him to earn degrees from the University of Southern California and Harvard Law School. Today he owns three law offices in Southern California. He specializes in immigration law and handles immigration trials, immigration appeals, and complex cases.

Carlos has represented over clients from more than 80 different countries. He has helped immigrants being held in custody pending deportation, immigrants lacking papers proving they were U.S. citizens, immigrants fleeing from abusive spouses, immigrants who have been the victim of immigration fraud, and immigrants escaping persecution from hostile regimes.

Carlos feels especially rewarded when he can help clients who will make a positive contribution to the United States and enrich the lives of others. Carlos believes that the U.S. gains strength from diversity and immigrants are assets to the U.S. economy and culture. Living in Southern California, Carlos is married and has three children.

Click here for examples of how Carlos Batara has worked with clients to achieve their immigration goals.



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